Tuesday, July 26, 2011

super embarassing,

that i totally failed at this ten day challenge.
here are days 3 to 10 to make up for my lack of blogging.

day three; eight things that annoy you.
1. the word silly. i have no idea why, but i really despise it.
2. ;) winking. still, haven't the slightest idea why.
3. when people chew with their mouths open.
4. alarm clocks that don't play music.
5. bears.
6. getting off work late.
7. going to sleep earlier than 10:30.
8. that zoe is in san francisco without me!

day four; seven fears/ phobias.
2. spiders. aka arachnus deathicus according to the brilliant megamind.
3. snakes.
4. i'm definitely claustrophobic.
5. people saying silly.
6. people winking at me.
7. puns.

day five; six songs that i'm addicted to.
1. PARTY ROCK ANTHEM, LMFAO. my number one favorite song right now.
2. shots, LMFAO.
3. best love song, t-pain ft. chris brown.
4. next to you, chris brown ft. justin bieber.
5. look at me now, chris brown ft. lil wayne & busta rhymes.
6. imago- pain of salvation. only when andrew is singing along.

day six; five things i can't live without.
1. my family.
2. my friends. namely all my favorite seniors that are going off to college in the fall. it makes me want to cry.
3. my ipod. i really love music.
4. my debit card, i love shwiping it 'ery day.
5. the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.

day seven; four memories.
1. the time i almost ripped my pinky toe off. it hurts to this day.
2. the first time i got up on a surfboard. obviously in hawaii.
3. all our many random waffle parties & movie nights. they're the best!
4. august 23, 2010. the day i got the worst hair cut of my life.

day eight; three words i can't go a day without saying.
1. douche.
2. obviously.
3. silly. ironic i know.

day nine; two things i wish i could do.
1. go skydiving, obviously.
2. skip the next to years of school so i can go to college with my favorite people in the world. & bring zoe along with me of course.

day ten; one person i can trust.
1. there are so many, but the first person that came to mind was zoe!


  1. I'm totally winking at you from now on.

  2. I LOVE YOU!!! I love that you can trust me. That makes me super happy! I wish you were here in San Fran with me. We will live here soon enough. Another word we say is NAT U RALLY! I love you and your blog posts!