Saturday, September 24, 2011

happy saturday.

no brown sugar. as in, i'm white. it's funny at 6 am.


i really want to know what would happen if i pushed this.
i hope for streamers & some cake.


go look up your name on urban dictionary. it will either be so wrong that it's
funny, or scary accurate.


gorgeous daily pictures from christiaan.


boating with the family, makes it seem like it's still summer.


a very happy saturday.


  1. a mi me gusta! (:
    i've always wondered what that birthday parties button is for...

  2. Oh gosh I looked up Jeffrey in the urban dictionary and I'm pretty sure it's not true at all!! So I decided to look up my middle name Gene and I liked it a lot better but there were still some really messed up things it said... I suggest possibly not looking them up, but if you're curiosity exceeds you then do it. But just be prepared for some messed up stuff.