Tuesday, September 20, 2011

oh, the places i'll go.

now that i'm in school again, all i can seem to think about is places i would rather be...

hawaii, obviously.

favorite city, san fran.

netherlands, for the tulips & windmills.

because everyone needs to go to NYC at least once.

england, everyone says i look "english". i think i'll find out for myself.

& the happiest place on earth.
did i mention i'm going in 26 days?
i am soo excited to get out of utah for a while.


  1. Take me with you!!! ;) you know you love me!!

  2. I do love you! You are my sister wife after all(: obviously we will travel the globe together!!

  3. Clearly San Fran is our city. Zac is waiting for us there. Kaydee - I love that quote of Andrews. I'm pretty sure I just died (even though dying is bad) when I read that.

  4. clearly, we will all be traveling together?!