Sunday, July 3, 2011

summer bucket list.

1. buy a turtle & co-parent it with zoe.

2. be tan for once in my life.

3. save money, for real.

4. jump the wake, on skis or a wakeboard.. doesn't matter to me.

5. go to slippery rock or something? apparently its in alpine.

6. go to the selena gomez concert. only because andrew loves her.

7. MEET JUSTIN BIEBER & probably marry him.

8. eat smores till i want to explode.

9. go an entire day only quoting megamind.

10. live off of mountain dew white out & waffles. what more could you possibly need?

11. buy something from a thrift store. this is a big deal because i'm 99% sure that i'm allergic to D.I. and savers.

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