Saturday, June 11, 2011

25 things.

i guess you could call this the traditional "introductory post" with a twist. i read us weekly, well, weekly and if you do you know that they have a section called "25 things you don't know about me." and i've always wondered if i could make it to 25.. here we gooo.

1. i am left handed & if you are left handed, i will automatically like you.
2. i hate school with a passion. summer is where its at.
3. i am a "straight a" student, even though i despise the education system.
4. i love zac efron. if you don't, look at his abs & think again.
5. my favorite color is turquoise.
6. i like to take pictures.

7. i am deathly afraid of anything to do with bears.
8. i like to play tennis, i recently learned how to successfully serve. its a fun time.
9. my friends are the best people to walk this planet, and i don't think i would be quite as, hmm... spastic? without them. they kind of complete my life.
10. i still like to play barbies with camee, andrew, and aubrie.
11. zoe mann, camee stephenson, andrew sheridan, brylee johnson, mattie robinson & the sister aubrie are probably my best friends, i love them to death.
12. i have the attention span of a peanut.
13. i've had a turquoise beta for over a year. his name is fui and i love him with all my heart.
14. i love unicorns.
15. the only book i ever bought is justin biebers: first step 2 forever.
16. that was also the first book i read in less than a day.
17. is my favorite number.
18. i can't cook or do my own laundry, so basically my future family is screwed.
19. i am a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, and i love my savior with all my heart & should probably add him to the best friend list.
20. i am 5 foot 10 and weigh about 100 lbs. i get that im skinny but sometimes i call myself fat.
21. im going to graduate high school with my associates degree. clearly, to lessen the time i have to be in school.
22. i have green eyes. small green eyes at that. my family says i'm asian.
23. my all time favorite movie is 17 again, but a close second is definitely easy a.
24. the most played song on my ipod is love me by justin bieber... i bought it about a week ago...
25. i am so happy that this list is done.

-just a teensy glimpse of my life.


  1. Clearly I am the first name on #11. No big deal or anything. I love you to death and I miss you! Where have you been all my life? I LOVE that you have a blog. It basically makes my life better. Speaking of #14, the kids want their MeMe! Love you!

  2. I love you Katie! I'm super excited to read about you in your blog! You seriously have a rockstar life of meeting little people and going to fun exotic places ;)

  3. Oh, no! and I should be shot for spelling your name wrong!! Sorry. I just got so excited you started a blog I wasn't thinking...:)

  4. Ummmm...thanks for telling me you're now a blogger. NOT. You are a funny girl & I LUF YOUUUUUUUUUUU!

  5. Haha, Kaydee you are so funny! I really hope you keep this up cause I'd love to follow your crazy life :)

  6. #1 is my favorite!! Oh and you are my favorite left hander!! ;)

  7. Anyone who loves unicorns is okay in my book...oh and I think it's rockin' you have a blog. I need to be better about mine.

  8. Thanks for not having me on your friends list. Really makes me feel good.